16.00"W x 12.00"H x 1.0"D

$200 (Shipping Included)

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Lauren Fenstermacher


Medium: Collage

Subject Tags: heat of sun, vitality, exploration, curiosity, energy, healing, chakra, sacral chakra, fire sign, sagittarius, leo, aries, acrylic, expressive, abstract, blowtorch, holes, lava, fire

Media: acrylic, polycrylic, polyurethane, blowtorch on canvas

Size: 16"W x 12"H x 1"D

Year Created: 2016

Ready to Hang


Inspired by The Fire Sign from astrological signs of the zodiac (Sagittarius, Leo, and Aries), and the second of seven chakras; the Sacral Chakra.

The sacral chakra color is Orange and composed of red and yellow in equal parts. It is a color of vitality and strength. Located in the pelvic area, orange is the area of our gut feelings and wisdom. Buddhists call this "hara", the centre of being through which we connect with the deepest voice of the self, the deepest stillness and wisdom.

Orange energy is very sensual. Living a life guided by orange color transforms the most mundane daily experiences into pleasurable experiences. It is also associated with the gentle and positive nurturing of ourselves which moves us on our path of growth and development.

The Sides are a continuation of the painting, and Torch is ready to hang :)

I am passionate about abstract art and the insight our perspective provides. I am inspired by the world around me and the world within me. Each painting is a vessel into the imagination. I enjoy large, bold, statement pieces of art; artwork that contains worlds within worlds and each piece has one thousand journey's within it. You're welcome to view my work and process on instagram.com/LaurenFenstermacher. instagram.com/laurenfenstermacherART LaurenFenstermacher@gmail.com Thank you for visiting my portfolio.

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