Morning Stroll

8.00"W x 10.00"H x 0.2"D

$350 (Shipping Included)

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Konnie Kim


Medium: Painting

Subject Tags: painting, oil, landscape, tree, trees, park, forests, forest

Media: oil on canvas

Size: 8"W x 10"H x 0.2"D

Year Created: 2016

The beauty and power of nature inspires me. The honesty and spontaneity of children inspires me. Love and sincerity inspires me.

My transitional style fuses the traditional technical training with contemporary sensibility of color and design. I usually start my paintings with studies I have done on location and photographs I took while wondering beautiful places. At this stage I am mainly concerned with the composition and color scheme. Then I put my sketches and photographs aside and let the painting lead the rest of the way.

The painting will tell me when it's happy and when it's not. I follow my intuition and give the painting what it needs. When the painting finally conveys the "emotion" of the moment, I sign the painting.

BIOGRAPHY It is her calligraphic brush strokes and interesting use of bold and radiant colors are what the collectors love about Konnie's work. Konnie's earlier work reflects her curious personality. She has explored almost all available medium and styles of fine art and graphic design. At the age of 19 she realized her first commercial success with licensed illustrations for a manufacturer and she is currently licensed with others. While in college she coordinated fine art shows in non-traditional settings for herself and other artists. These became known as "Any Space Shows". The venues included hotels, restaurants, schools, theaters and galleries eventually totaling over 100 shows. Konnie has received numerous awards and her work has appeared in trade magazines, newspapers, TV shows and online venues. She has worked as an art and framing designer/consultant for wall décor manufacturers. Konnie owned an art gallery and frame shop for eighteen years. In 2007, she sold the business wishing to devote more time to art.

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