"Handed Down"

14.00"W x 14.00"H x 1.0"D

$200 (Shipping Included)

Commission a Piece
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Kevin Majette


Medium: Painting

Subject Tags: realism, pop, tut, king, egyp, amenhotep, pharaoh, portrait, white, blsck

Media: acrylic on canvas

Size: 14"W x 14"H x 1"D

Year Created: 2018

Ready to Hang

This piece represents a lot to me. I made it inspired by the Quality time I spent with ny dad during Christmas break. I'm always stydying and he is always working. So when we finally set up a weekend to be together, it turned out to be everything I expected, and more. That is why I named this piece "Handed Down", as a reference to that father son bond, those unforgettable memories and the valuable things you learn from them. Besides this, I really love Egyptian culture and history, so I couldn't go wrong with this.

Hi Everybody. First of all, i do not consider myself an artist. this concept has been thrown around loosely for some time. I am a Creative, I just like to create based on how I'm feeling or how my imagination is working at that moment. But before being a creator of art, i am a scientist. I'm a Microbiologist working on my continuous education. So im using the profits from my art to pay for school. What else could be said about me? I'm a pretty simple guy. i hope that with my art, i could make people feel happy and joyful. I want to maje you think beyond of what and artist or a creative is considered to be. i want to inspire people and let them know that you do not have to shun your dreams just because society doesn't take it seriously. Go For it.!! ohh and i love my Bunny, his name is "Yuyi"

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