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focal point for wandering [eye(s)]

48.00"W x 24.00"H x 2.0"D

$1,250 (Shipping Included)

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Kevin Baldwin

Seattle, WA

Medium: Drawing

Subject Tags: notation, plexiglass, canvas, music, drawing, abstract, graphic score

Media: ink, pen on canvas, plexiglass, stretched canvas

Size: 48"W x 24"H x 2"D

Year Created: 2017

Ready to Hang

Title: focal point for wandering [eye(s)]
*Graphic Score Premiered at Common Area Maintenance, Seattle, WA, February 14 - March 10 2016 by the Inverted Space Ensemble
Medium: Stretched Canvas with mounted layers of Plexiglass
Year: 2016

*Purchase of work comes with a CD of the premiere recording

Go look up Mark Applebaum's "The Metaphysics of Notation". This is not a visual art piece, but a graphic score meant to be interpreted by a performer. Not kidding.

"Graphic Scores" always intrigued me. Made famous by Earle Brown, I found it interesting that the visual elements of graphic scores had little to do with traditions of the classical cannon. I began to explore the metaphysics of notation (actual metaphysics, not the piece by Applebaum.) and began the retrograde of the graphic score procedure. Thus, I would not be using non-musical symbols to represent the musical interpretation process.

Instead, I would be using the visual aesthetic of notation to create experimentations and observations. This process pushes notation past its functional {who /needs function, anyway? .art isn't very "functional"} limits to observe a new understanding of a material as it innately is. My works are "Composed" in the strict sense one writes music [i.e. informed structures and musical theory]

KEVIN BALDWIN [IS] /exposing materials /collaborating with material MUSIC Kevin has traveled and performed as a soloist and in ensembles all over the world, including New York, NY; Beijing and Shanghai, China; and Paris, France. The New York Times reviewed one of Kevin’s concerts as “…precise and energetic…” Additionally, Kevin attended Akadmie Schloss Solitude as a composer in 2015, where he studied with Chaya Czernowin, Rebecca Saunders, and Ming Tsao. VIS.art Intrigued by the visual aesthetic of modern classical music's notation, Kevin began experimenting with visual art. Kevin began his visual art career exploring visual aesthetics in experimental music, such as notation, beyond the boundaries the genre would allow. EDUCATION Kevin is currently a DMA candidate in Music Composition at the University of Washington in Seattle, WA. Kevin has earned his B.M. at the University of the Pacific, and received his M.M from the Manhattan School of Music.

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