48.00"W x 36.00"H x 2.0"D

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Kathleen Kaller


Medium: Painting

Subject Tags: seaweed, blue, expressionism, vibrant, colorful, abstract, purple, green, bliss, ananda, mystic, sea, ocean

Media: acrylic on canvas

Size: 48"W x 36"H x 2"D

Year Created: 2018

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Ananda_2012 - This is from my Mystic Series. Ananda means bliss. At the time I was studying the hindu mystics.

As a child, the shores of Cape Cod, Massachusetts provided a sacred environment where I first discovered the organic, shifting beauty and guileless movement of the natural world. An endless reservoir of invigorating and healing power, the seaside grounds me with its reliable tides and constant song of crashing surf, and at the same time, frees me like a child with its sheer vastness.

I spent a lot of time being immersed in oceanic life, taking in countless sunsets, noticing low tides leaving sand formations on the bayside, and then being swallowed up by the ocean at high tide. Now a seaside Californian, I continue to find my muse in the ocean.

The influence of water is clear in the shapes I paint and is intimately entwined with my process. The viewer does not encounter a seascape, but rather is transcended by the emotive, healing and strengthening forces of the sea.
It is my hope that the work touches, inspires and heals.

The ocean has always played a distinct role in Kathleen Kaller’s world. As a child, the shores of Cape Cod, Massachusetts provided creative ground where Kathleen wed her inner artist with her love of the ocean. She continued to develop her artistic prowess and instincts by examining ocean life, the formation and effect of tides and the certain light that exists only seaside. Later, Kathleen’s formal studies led her to earning a degree in film studies and art history from Emerson College and studying painting at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, both in Boston. Kathleen honed her voice and her eye while living in the Netherlands and traveling throughout Europe. Now it is the west coast she paints voraciously and with an innocent abandon. Her language is uniquely her own. She explores art-making as a tool for self-discovery and harnesses the healing powers of nature for her subject.

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