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Flowers I

60.00"W x 48.00"H x 0.0"D

$1,200 (Shipping Included)

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Karma Art Studio


Medium: Print

Subject Tags: flowers, mimimalism, original artform, nate mega, karma art studio, karma, one-line burner, one-line art, lines, black line art, line art, wildstyle, abstract, peace, love, forma, shapes, negative space, white space, forms, motion, energy, smooth, smoothness, smooth forms, dynamic, complex

Media: karma on paper

Size: 60"W x 48"H x 0.01"D

Year Created: 2017

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To see the world as the eyes of a child sees it; that magical, ethereal sense of wonder, curiosity, and endless fascination–this is the true essence of Art.
—Nate Mega, Founder & CEO, ​Karma Art Studio & Karma App Studio

♠️ Karma Art Studio exists to provide innovative, imaginative, and inventive abstract art prints for your viewing pleasure. All Karma Art Studio prints origiNate as Founder & CEO Nate Mega creates them with one continuous, perpetual smooth line, AKA a "one-line burner." This is an intrepid style that Nate invented and pioneered, and has been refining and perfecting for over 8 years. Nate's wildstyle, one~line burner style is unlike any other on earth. Karma Art Studio prints are original, minimal, and liberating. Each piece is printed on 8 mil Arlon paper which is the absolute highest quality paper available, and is extremely durable. Each piece is printed with the best ink money can buy which is 100% permanent and completely fade-resistant. Nestled deep within each Karma Art Studio print are hidden shapes, forms, and meanings; even in the negativite space. See if you can spot them and decipher the cryptic code to see what they mean. Each and every Karma Art Studio print is not at all random, but does in fact have profound symbolism and significance; far beyond the title. But it is up to you to find them. Such is life, everyone's perception is wonderfully unique as we all view this beautifully complex world through different eyes.

All Karma Art Studio prints are large format: 5ft x 4ft (60in x 48in)/1.52m x 1.21m (152cm x 121cm). The quality is the best of the best, no expense is spared to make them. Each Karma Art Studio piece is printed on an enormous printer which is worth more than most luxury cars. Your print comes lovingly shipped to you anywhere in the world in a durable tube via UPS. Abstract art need be large format in order for it to make sense, convey its message properly and have that BIG, bold impact which lies at its core. Karma Art Studio prints are truly groundbreaking; unlike anything else in the world. Versatile, striking, and æsthetically pleasing; Karma Art Studio prints are stunning just about anywhere: above your couch, over your mantle, in your bedroom, kitchen, hallway, playroom, kids' room, library, den, studio, gym, living room, family room, dining room, any room! All Karma Art Studio prints are highly abstract, thus incredibly dynamic and adaptable. They are also tremendous in offices, schools, restaurants, cafés, bars, etc. Anywhere you need some eye-catching, mind-boggling and spirited, abstract art at an affordable price — Karma Art Studio prints are here. Fortune Favors the Bold. ~Fortis Fortuna Luvat

NATE MEGA Founder & CEO Nate has over 20 years experience in the computer industry. He got his first computer, an Apple IIC, in 1984 for his fifth birthday. Since then, Nate has been enamored with computers and what they are capable of. He is wildly passioNate about innovation, ideation, disruption, the creative process, front end development, UI/UX, graphic design, business strategy, branding, education, nanotechnology, philosophy, international travel, global philanthropy and wildlife conservation. Nate is a visionary and entrepreneur through and through. When he was 14, Nate invented an automatic transmission gear for bicycles. When he was 23, Nate started a global sticker company with his best bro in Montréal. At University, Nate was accepted to both the Business and Fine Arts programs, but decided on B School as he figured it would a more pragmatic approach long-term. When he was 27, Nate became Co-Founder & CEO of a global travel start-up. Nate revels in meditation, yoga, autodidacticism, astrophysics, astronomy, astrology, cosmology, metaphysics, abstract art, EDM, sailing, skiing, tennis, bocce, digital photography, sushi and all things Zen. Nate is also Founder & CEO of Karma App Studio {karma.space}, Co-Founder & CEO of an audacious Industrial Design Firm, as well as Co-Founder & CEO of another app development Corporation. As CEO of Karma Art Studio, Nate courageously creates all Karma Art pieces, breaking all the rules; playing with forms, shapes, angles, fluidity, minimalism, contrast, negative space, emotion, expression, motion x energy…all whilst propelling his Master Vision of bringing his WILDSTYLE one~line burner groundbreaking avant-garde Karma Art to the masses.

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