14.00"W x 11.00"H x 0.0"D

$1,250 (Shipping Included)

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Medium: Drawing

Subject Tags: africa, ethnic, tribal, contemporary, ethnic, contemporary, tribal, african

Media: chalk, pastel, charcoal

Size: 14"W x 11"H x 0.02"D

Year Created: 2016

When I found the photo that was the source of inspiration for this piece, I was struck by the calm solitude that was on the face of this chief. Amidst a vast, barren land, he seems to have no worries, fears, or concerns. Thus, I decided to name this piece 'Mkuu', as it means "chief" in Swahili. Enjoy.

Please note, the original is NOT for sale, as your purchase would be for a high-resolution photographic copy of my original on museum quality paper.


I'm a 70's kid to the core. Afros, leisure suits, and disco music....it was the best of times. I always loved comic books growing up, but never had the artistic talent to draw from my imagination, so I would try to replicate different characters on my own. My drawings weren't bad, but at no point did I ever feel like I was a 'real' artist. Especially when compared to friends who seemed to have this crazy talent for drawing characters, and graffiti. Fast forward about 30+ years, and I still had this burning desire to draw, but like most, figured it was innate talent that only a select few possessed. That was until a friend of mine introduced me to a book called 'Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. The premise of the book was that ANYONE can draw, it's just a matter of seeing things in the right way. After doing a few exercises in the book, I saw that I can be an artist after all. So, I found an art class near me about two years ago, and the rest is history. I love art that's arresting, interesting, and provocative. So, beyond my own art, follow me on Pinterest as I collect all the things a 70's city kid who loves art would love....graffiti burners, murals, tribute pieces, and just a love for the depths of the artistic process.

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