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INKBLOT-projective 1b

14.00"W x 11.00"H x 0.0"D

$140 (Shipping Included)

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Kailene piazza


Medium: Painting

Subject Tags: beetles, ancient bug, temples, shilouette, landscape, backdrop, wallpaper, paranormal, haunted, statement, canvas, transitional, southwestern, scandanavian, jurassic, asian, bugs, biology, craftsman, rustic, industrial, mediterranean, greens, yellow, purples, reds, progressive, illumination, limited edition, eccentric, art gifts, music, underground, thunderstorm, ethereal, ethnic, global, wild, vintage, brainwave, electricity, ghostly, fantasy, wonderland, abstract, street, quirky

Media: ink, alcohol

Size: 14"W x 11"H x 0.01"D

Year Created: 2017

The original Rorschach Inkblot tests were supposedly meant to give insight into a persons psyche and allow the viewer to rate how "healthy a personality" they have. However it has been dismissed objectively by the Freudian thinking and now is rarely used at all. Yet I find those images abstraction beautifully unconventional and thus I have made this piece with that theory in mind. What do you see ?
It's the Skeletol version of a moth or maybe some other little creature, let your imagination be your guide.

I created this piece in layers. These paintings are flat in texture, they still have a 3D depth visually. Of course different lighting can create a different effect based on placement. The Yupo paper that I used for this piece is a unique synthetic paper, machine-made in the USA of 100% polypropylene. It is waterproof, stain resistant, and extremely strong and durable. It resists tearing and buckling and lays flat. Because of the non-absorbant nature of the paper, no white paint was used. Please be aware the back of the pieces may have smudges or prints from the techniques I use to obtain final image you see.
The have been sprayed with a UV Resistant Clear Gloss, but for best experience a glass framing works best. It will come shipped in an archival clear plastic bag, placed between two pieces of sturdy cardboard in a stay flat mailer. Each piece is unique and original I will duplicate any design.
**** Please be aware that photos are taken with a 100W Equivalent Daylight (5000K) A19 LED Light source and the tones may vary based on viewers screen and or device color settings.

I was born and raised in Corona Del Mar, surrounded by the artistic world that is Southern California. I never ended up going to school for art as sometimes life changes directions. I did find however that painting had chased me and caught up reminding me that once it's in your heart you can never leave it. So I began to create.....

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