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Animal Totem 1

14.00"W x 11.00"H x 0.0"D

$140 (Shipping Included)

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Kailene piazza


Medium: Painting

Subject Tags: plums, bronze metallic, blacks, blue abstract art, oranges and reds, geometric shapes, wallpaper, alcohol ink, yupo paper, abstract landscapes, figurative, surrealism, self-creation, ancient architecture, architecture, interior design, graphics, southwestern art, modern art, pop surrealism, paranormal, land-sea sky, street art, geometric lines, transportational, magical world, figurative fantasy, meditteranean, scandanavian, industrial decor, eclectic art, geometric abstract, symmetry, psychedelic art, fractual, new pop art, bright colors, technology, geometrics circles squares, abstract, backdrop, home interior colorful, flying disk, pattern, native american art, mythical, orange urban art, original painting, 11 x14, flat art, art gifts, transitional landscape, transportation, 3d painting, phycological art, colorful abstract, expressionism, abstract art, natureart, animals

Media: alcohol inks on yupo paper

Size: 14"W x 11"H x 0.01"D

Year Created: 2017

My interpretation of Animal Totems. There 6 different animals in this piece, can you find them all?
Animal totems play huge roles in our lives. They aid in self-discovery and capture our imagination, giving us incredible avenues of self-expression and awareness. Since time immemorial, animals have served as harbingers of personality traits we, as humans, all aspire to achieve. This makes animals some of the most powerful symbols.
*This is 100% original work
*This piece does not come framed or pre-matted. *The photos of each piece are taken with a 100W Equivalent Daylight (5000K)

I was born and raised in Corona Del Mar, surrounded by the artistic world that is Southern California. I never ended up going to school for art as sometimes life changes directions. I did find however that painting had chased me and caught up reminding me that once it's in your heart you can never leave it. So I began to create.....

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