The Convicted #02: Tiger Force Commando, POW

24.00"W x 18.00"H x 0.8"D

$220 (Shipping Included)

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Medium: Painting

Subject Tags: pop, illustration, expressionist, man, face, story, war, soldier, gold, red, ear, ptsd, hair

Media: acrylic on canvas

Size: 24"W x 18"H x 0.75"D

Year Created: 2018

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The Convicted is a series of portraits based off of mugshots collected from various sources on the web. Each painting blends elements of realism with techniques influenced by vintage commercial art such as military propaganda posters or children's storybooks, to create a unique contemporary pop art aesthetic. Halfway through the 70's, the US Army's CIC (Criminal Investigation Command) conducted an investigation into the Tiger Force, a Long Range Reconnaisance patrol unit serving in Vietnam. Among the list of war crimes discovered was the harvesting and collecting of human ears as worn trophies. While it was the Tiger Force that is famously known for the atrocious practice during the Vietnam War, there are stories of American soldiers captured by the Viet Cong forced to endure the horrors of their own crimes. While such stories may be difficult, if not impossible, to confirm nearly 50 years after the fact, it is not impossible to imagine that a captor may mimic, match, and exceed the terror of his enemies, as retaliatory acts motivated by the blood-lust of dark and trying times.

Julius Bautista is a Filipino-American Chicago based visual artist and USMC veteran passionate about science, psychology, and philosophy. Since pursuing a BFA at the University of Illinois at Chicago, he has worked in various artist collectives with the goal of increasing accessibility to the arts. His work, a contemporary mix of creative influences, has shown in galleries nationwide. His portfolio can be found at juliusdcbautista.com.

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