Bb silentsnowleopard
Bb silentsnowleopard

Silent Snow Leopard

40.00"W x 30.00"H x 1.8"D

$800 (Shipping Included)

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Medium: Painting

Subject Tags: clearance, art for sale, x large painting, x large, woman, soldier, military, portrait, interactive, drama, color, face, clean, pop, contemporary, expressionist

Media: acrylic, canvas, rfid

Size: 40"W x 30"H x 1.75"D

Year Created: 2017

Ready to Hang

"Silent Snow Leopard," depicts a fierce woman with an mysterious allure implying a storied past. Various links, painted as blue circles, will activate music by one of my favorite bands, while translating the 'mistranslations,' that have been a reoccurring motif within my work, as well as a recorded audio transcript describing aspects of the painting, such as her light blue eye, in greater detail.

My latest collection of paintings blend elements of realism and folk tale into a contemporary abstract-pop aesthetic, with an interactive twist. Utilizing a combination of RFID and NFC tech, users with capable phones (currently Android smartphones; Apple restricts NFC access to Apple Pay) can scan portions of the painting to reveal links that I've provided... Music or videos that evoke a mood of the song, links to news articles, or audio recordings I have provided to discuss the work in more detail.

Julius Bautista is a Filipino-American Chicago based visual artist and USMC veteran passionate about science, psychology, and philosophy. Since pursuing a BFA at the University of Illinois at Chicago, he has worked in various artist collectives with the goal of increasing accessibility to the arts. His work, a contemporary mix of creative influences, has shown in galleries nationwide. His portfolio can be found at juliusdcbautista.com.

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