Jazz Hands No. 1

16.00"W x 12.00"H x 1.0"D

$400 (Shipping Included)

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Medium: Painting

Subject Tags: musicians, musician, hands, jazz, music

Media: ink, pastel, digital, charcoal on paper, wood

Size: 16"W x 12"H x 1"D

Year Created: 2016

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“Jazz music is a language, sometimes intimate, often boisterous, but always layered with experience and life profoundly lived. jazz is not found in websites or books or even written down in sheet music. It is the act of creating the form itself, that we truly find Jazz.” - Unknown

Painting jazz themed works is the perfect way for me to represent the ebbs and flows of life. It allows me to convey those moments in life that all of experience with a music that is just as universal.

My work is indicative of a path that has been traveled to wellness and healing. There is not only the theme of music, but also the blue people who are ever present in my work. The blue people acknowledges Autism as part of my life. My son and only child, is autistic and obviously has had an enormous impact on our lives. But quite honestly, I don't know any other way. It's natural for us. Autism is ever present despite the experiences life throws our way. So it is ever present in my work as well. Whether I am painting about love, loss or social commentary, autism is a part of that experience.

The purpose of my art wasn't always apparent. For a long time I didn't speak on the reason for my blue people. Only recently did I start speaking about it publicly and I am grateful for the support I have received. My hope is that it allows others to find their voice as well. You are not alone.

Juliette Hemingway is a self-taught artist who studied the atelier system of classical realism. Her work is influenced by an eclectic set of artists such as, Picasso, Basquiat, the Harlem Renaissance artists as well as comic book and graffiti artists. Juliette has developed her own very personalized and independent style. Her canvases are bold tones of color and precise pen & ink outlines. Her works are abstractions of the figure supported on a multimedia ground that adds depth and a dimensional quality. Each piece is a reflection of a moment in time, an experience, a chapter from her personal story. The one constant are the blue hued figures. The blue hues are a reflection of what is always present in her life and that is her beloved son. A young man with Autism. Despite what her experiences are in life, autism will always be a part of it and therefore, a part of her work.

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