Hold on

12.00"W x 12.00"H x 0.3"D

$250 (Shipping Included)

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Atlanta, GA

Medium: Painting

Subject Tags: epoxy resin finish, original acrylic, modern abstract expressionism, abstract expressionism

Media: acrylic on ceramic tile

Size: 12"W x 12"H x 0.3"D

Year Created: 2017

This piece acknowledges sorrow and despair while encouraging anyone with those feelings to hold on to hope and to hang in there.

I'm also a writer and I find that painting is my way of creating stories when words aren't readily available. I hope you find something in my work that speaks to you and resonates with your story.

Thank you.

Hi, I'm Juliana, a lifelong artist. I started out as a grade school classroom distracted doodler. I graduated to sketching and painting murals on my bedroom walls (thank God for my understanding parents). Rather than pursuing my passion for all things creative I started down a path of working in the education world. I began working at a school district then moved on to selling tech software for private education companies. I enjoyed it because it presented many opportunities to travel, meet awesome educators, and help amazing children. Over the years I always painted in my spare time. The last company I worked for, the I CAN Learn Education software, went out of business when its founder and my dear friend passed away. His passing had a deep impact on me and losing the career/mission that had become my identity left a huge void. Shortly after coming to terms with those losses my 20 year old Godson was murdered. His violent death touched me in a way that I don't understand. I felt broken. I am brokenhearted for his family. I started painting again as a way to connect with him and share in the grieving process with his mother. Seeing her smile about my pictures was a way to feel useful. Spending hours alone in my garage-turned-art studio, was healing and so I kept at it. And hope to keep going.

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