The Young Voodoo Priest/ 40 x 52

40.00"W x 52.00"H x 2.0"D

$3,000 (Shipping Included)

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Medium: Painting

Subject Tags: voodoo, spiritual painting, abstract, portrait

Media: acrylic, mixed media on canvas

Size: 40"W x 52"H x 2"D

Year Created: 2016

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This is the first of my visual exploration of the Voodoo arts. Being 1/2 Haitian ,I think there has always been an inner quest to understand a religion that has always been shrouded in fear and mystery. It is a hybrid religion (indigenous African mixed with western Catholicism) born out of Haitian slaves need to keep their spiritual practices alive after being forced to convert to the religion of their captors. It was demonized by the west as a result of Haiti being the only colony to defeat Napoleons army,making it the only successful slave revolt in history. So to this day,stories of zombies,spells and human sacrifices still thrive..only to cover the truth . Each of the symbols are authentic and genuine symbols of ceremony and correspond to a spirit guide or "loa" that is called into action. The red symbol being love, then protection from negative forces,spirit of commercial and material abundance, keeper of health,protector of family .

My name is Jean-Philippe Boucicaut. I am painter/photographer born in NYC to parents of Haitian and Corsican descent. My father is a respected documentary film maker and my mother is a painter,both my grandfathers were photographers, mom's cousin is Regine Chassagne of the band Arcade Fire and dad's cousin was Jean-Michel Basquiat. There are classical musicians,chefs, filmmakers and writers in my family and fortunately everyone was encouraged to pursue whatever they were good at. I started drawing at 7 and got my first camera at 11. Donna Karan gave me my first profession job in the arts at 21 as a junior design asst at her Menswear Collection. After a couple of years there I returned to my first loves of painting and photography. They always seemed to be two separate fields and they are in many ways:one being solitary and internal another being more social and interactive. Portraits and faces in general have always fascinated me and so when I started shooting photographs, I began by testing new faces at some of the NY and London modelling agencies.It was a natural progression from painting faces. The current direction of my work is the blending of painting and photography and the blending of painting and sculpture. I spend my time between NY and Los Angeles.

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