Antique Camera no.3 / movie camera 2/ fine art print 20 x 30

20.00"W x 30.00"H x 1.0"D

$400 (Shipping Included)

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Medium: Print

Subject Tags: picture, moving, camera, movie, antique, figurative, abstract, hollywood, fine, primitivism

Media: ink, paper

Size: 20"W x 30"H x 1"D

Year Created: 2018

Part of antique film camera series, this motion picture camera was the first piece in which I applied the primitivist style that I use for my portraits, to an object. It's an ode to the days of film, Hollywood's heyday. A take had to be precise , thought out and couldn't just be deleted .There was an expertise and a formula that required creativity, a science as well as a healthy dose of faith. You never knew what the shot looked like until it was "in the can" which meant the film had to be first developed,processed and then projected. It was an art form that demanded patience ,a visionary mind and a multi step process before anything was even shown. This simple looking yet quite complex piece of machinery changed the world on every level.

My name is Jean-Philippe Boucicaut. I am painter/photographer born in NYC to parents of Haitian and Corsican descent. My father is a respected documentary film maker and my mother is a painter,both my grandfathers were photographers, mom's cousin is Regine Chassagne of the band Arcade Fire and dad's cousin was Jean-Michel Basquiat. There are classical musicians,chefs, filmmakers and writers in my family and fortunately everyone was encouraged to pursue whatever they were good at. I started drawing at 7 and got my first camera at 11. Donna Karan gave me my first profession job in the arts at 21 as a junior design asst at her Menswear Collection. After a couple of years there I returned to my first loves of painting and photography. They always seemed to be two separate fields and they are in many ways:one being solitary and internal another being more social and interactive. Portraits and faces in general have always fascinated me and so when I started shooting photographs, I began by testing new faces at some of the NY and London modelling agencies.It was a natural progression from painting faces. The current direction of my work is the blending of painting and photography and the blending of painting and sculpture. I spend my time between NY and Los Angeles.

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