Polka Dot Strut

15.00"W x 21.00"H x 0.0"D

$250 (Shipping Included)

Commission a Piece
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Josh Epstein


Medium: Painting

Subject Tags: model, portrait, stripes, handsome, scarf, man, shoes, suit, fashion, menswear, pop

Media: linocut on paper

Size: 15"W x 21"H x 0.01"D

Year Created: 2018

This is an original linocut print (not a reproduction), signed by the artist and numbered 3/20.

'Polka Dot Strut' is part of a series of Post-Pop Art prints depicting the lives of modern urbanites living in a world of luxury. The piece uses a stark contrast of black and white to show off beautiful shapes and geometric patterns in a clean, graphic display. The man in the piece walks with a strong strut down an unseen street. Adorned in handsome menswear and contemporary pieces, he portrays a modern gentleman.

This piece uses the printmaking technique called 'linocut'. The process involves carving into a block of linoleum and rolling the surface with ink. The final piece is revealed when the block is pressed into paper. The piece also features "deckled edges", meaning the edges of the paper are feathered for a beautiful effect.

Josh Epstein is a printmaking artist who creates vibrant pieces using the 'linocut' method. This technique involves hand-carving a design into multiples layers of linoleum; each linoleum slab is hand-printed on paper with the force of an etching press, making each individual print a unique work on art. Josh's current body of work, titled “Happiness or High Art”, explores a society where luxuries are commonplace and art is considered a necessity. Inspired by the lavish lifestyles and height of fashion in the the Art Deco and Mod eras, the series title and its component pieces speak to society’s choice between a life of luxury and artifice or the happiness of a simple existence. The series examines the intersection of art, culture, and class as they relate to design and fashion over the last century. Josh was recently exhibited as a "Typographic Allstar" at the 6th annual Typeforce show in Chicago. He resides in Chicago with his partner Eddie and two adoring houseplants.

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