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Norma Jean

36.00"W x 36.00"H x 2.0"D

$3,410 (Shipping Included)

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Jolene Dames


Medium: Painting

Subject Tags: hollywood actor, hollywood star, icon, classy woman, unique style, beautiful woman art, movie stars, cubism portrait, cubism, norma jean, marylin monroe

Media: acrylic, theater paint on canvas

Size: 36"W x 36"H x 2"D

Year Created: 2017

Ready to Hang

This large scale, 3'x3' hand painted original titled "Norma Jean" was inspired by the woman herself, Marylin Monroe.  An American actress, model and singer, Marylin continues to be a popular icon.

What also makes this piece unique? It is hand painted on Dames’ exclusive collapsable canvases. Cost effective and no framing required, these gallery wrapped canvases are ready to hang once assembled (it’s super easy!) and look great on any wall. *Shipping included for contiguous U.S.A.

When choosing what to paint, I have a tendency to be drawn to unusual compositions, interesting textures and layers of the subject because they reveal how something lived. I consider each painting as if I am telling the visual story, where it came from, what it endured and had to overcome to give it the personality it has today. Painting these types of images on a large scale enhances their dramatic effect. I feel this is all a direct reflection of life. Each of us have the layers of life and connections with people who make us who we are. Representing and revealing these layers is paramount when creating one of my paintings. More About Me... Since the age of three, no surface has been safe around me and moving from rental property to rental property meant fresh canvases at least once a year. I was always inventing new things and making something out whatever I could find. From tying yarn around every doorknob in the house to oil pastel drawings on the doors. There was no doubt in my three-year-old mind I would one day be an artist…or a ballerina. I went through school receiving positive attention for my creative skills but like most artists, I was encouraged to look towards a more substantial career. Thankfully, due to my stubbornness, I never listened. So when I was offered a job in the paint department at the theater, I quickly jumped at the chance. It was there I began my career as a scenic artist, painting sets for theater and eventually television and feature films. During those eighteen years, I went from working as a scenic artist to charge painter, designer, art director and a slew of other creative positions. I spent what little free time I had making my paintings, writing, doing photography and traveling to over twenty different countries. Work continued to require more and more of my energy, and I began feeling as if I had lost sight of my original goal…to be an artist (or a ballerina). Since it was too late to be a ballerina, (and it was my second choice anyways) I opted for the artist. I continue to paint for two reasons; one is to keep the peace within myself (aka: painting for the sake of sanity). The other is to pay my mother back for all those non-refunded security deposits over the decades. I am sure that each rental we lived in bares the mark of my inexhaustible creativity in some form or another. As does my mother. Today I spend my time traveling the world and teaching others how to use the artist within to design their life. As an artist, I hope my work inspires others to live the life you imagine and enjoy the adventure of being alive.

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