Entelechy 20

30.00"W x 30.00"H x 0.8"D

$400 (Shipping Included)

Commission a Piece
Preview grunwell entelechy 22 48 diameter tondo

John Grunwell


Medium: Painting

Subject Tags: radiating, field, color, hard-edge, psychedelic, abstract, abstraction, star, cosmic, psychedelic

Media: acrylic on panel

Size: 30"W x 30"H x 0.75"D

Year Created: 2014

Ready to Hang

Through existence, we interact with the most fundamental and bewildering forces and dimensions of reality. The origin and nature of All That Exists remains a mystery, but it exists nevertheless. I suspect it's just Nature, and that we are all expressions of natural rhythms. My work is meant to evoke or channel universal forces of creativity with simple and formal visual metaphors.

My life isn't especially unique. I'm just another human being living life on our planet for a period of time, a small part of the natural machine that keeps it all running, a tiny cosmic cog. I am a native Washingtonian/Marylander, and I live in work in the District of Columbia. I've exhibited broadly, have completed commissions and public art projects of various scales. Do you have a wall you want Entelechied?

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