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Wake Me Up

40.00"W x 16.00"H x 1.5"D

$510 (Shipping Included)

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Medium: Painting

Subject Tags: fluid painting, black, magenta, orange, fluid, abstract

Media: acrylic on canvas

Size: 40"W x 16"H x 1.5"D

Year Created: 2017

Ready to Hang

Part of my fluid series, using black, orange and magenta.

I am a Wisconsin native, uprooted and transplanted in Phoenix, Arizona. When it comes to art, I have always been more of a fan of the abstract...blending colors and textures to create a finished piece, and (hopefully) something interesting to look at. So I try to bring that across in my paintings, and learn a little more with each one that I do. I love the idea of starting with a completely blank white canvas and creating a finished product that catches someone's eye. Someone once said, "The Holy Grail is to spend less time making the picture than it takes people to look at it." I hope to accomplish that one day. I love the creative escape that it provides. I think everyone needs some form of creative outlet...a way to shut off the brain from the chaos of our daily lives. There are very few things in life that are better than turning on some music, grabbing a drink and painting. I love that each piece is unique when it is hand-painted. Even when you're re-creating one of your own pieces, it is impossible for two paintings to be identical. ​ So, as I have found myself with a paintbrush (among other tools) in hand again, I’ve been creating canvas paintings for those looking to add a piece of art to their walls...because living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, offices, and quite frankly any kind of space with a wall can benefit from having a piece of art. ​ ​Paintings will be updated as they become available. And while you're at it, why not catch up with me on Facebook and Instagram! Thank you for stopping by, -John​

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