36.00"W x 28.00"H x 1.0"D

$470 (Shipping Included)

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Medium: Painting

Subject Tags: pollock, painting, action, expressionism, abstract, graffiti, stripes, texture, storms, kotas, pseudo-realism

Media: acrylic, canvas, varnish, gesso, coatings

Size: 36"W x 28"H x 1"D

Year Created: 2011

Ready to Hang

This is a distressed abstract landscape. Acrylic coatings are layered and battered on hand-gessoed canvas. Stretched on low profile wood stretcher bars. Storms and weather, horizons, wine bottles and fish, petosky stones, and worlds you'll see in this abstract expressionist painting.

BoRNd in bUffALo, New yORk uSA. CurRentLy liVIng au cOntRaire in ChicaGO. USA IllINoiSE. joE KotAs is the cOnsuMMate pAINter, photoGRAPHer, POet and PerSOnal PtrAInER. BS degree in M.E. I eat dust (mech'niCAL engin'RING.) He basically doESn't haVE to grovel as AN ARTist. This IS not To saY that He is opPosed to GrOVeLLing, yoDeLLing, spELUnking or anY other ForM of YueNGLING. Having deveLOPed in a vacUUm, joE kOTaS was not progrAMMed by ArT ScHOOl. He cut his teeth in a ChicAGO GHETTo after quiTTing his jOB as a conSULTant for CommonWEalTHY EnergY CompanY. EngineEring degrEE in haND, he was afforded the luXUry of experimenting with aLL the materiALS available. When buying art suPPLies he decidED that quaNTity was superior to quALiTy, that THROWing was better than BrUSHing and that SCRAPing was physicALLy satisFYing. KoTAs is truly an "Uber-Painter" of the hiGHest ORder. He COMpaRes hiMSelf to GustoN, RosenQUist, DuCHAMp, RiCHter and aLL those who have dANCed a meRRy tUne.

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