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Ornamental Cabbages

23.62"W x 27.56"H x 0.8"D

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Jacqueline Talbot

Carshalton, SRY

Medium: Painting

Subject Tags: leaf veins, green leaves, rosette flower, vegetable painting, cabbage study, cabbage painting, green mauve painting, green purple painting, ornamental cabbage, botanical study, botanical painting, botanical abstract, flower detail painting, flower close up, plant study, wild flower painting

Media: acrylic on canvas

Size: 23.62"W x 27.56"H x 0.79"D

Year Created: 2011

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I am fascinated by the structures and colours in plants. This study of two ornamental cabbages was particularly fiddly because of all the folds. The plants did not live long enough for me to do the whole painting from life so I had to work from photos as well. It is technically the most involved thing I have ever painted

I was born in Surrey, England which is where I still live and work. As well as painting and drawing I use my artwork as a source of inspiration for creating innovative designs on ceramic products such as tiles and pendants

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