Spring into the Deep

9.00"W x 12.00"H x 0.0"D

$100 (Shipping Included)

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Medium: Drawing

Subject Tags: expression, subjective, flower, nature, white, black, texture

Media: chalk, charcoal

Size: 9"W x 12"H x 0.01"D

Year Created: 2018

The reason I chose the title for this piece is due to the nature of its creation. The feeling is expressed from the springs of life from the depths of the sub conscious.

I created this piece while I was exploring the freedom of charcoal with the contrast of darks and lights and discovering the beauty of simplicity.

My inspiration in creating this piece is while sitting in stillness and waiting for my mind to stop whirling, a peace grew within and blossomed from the depths. This stillness was nurturing and vibrant as flowers in the spring and hence this piece was born

Jennifer Mason Much of my work is a visual diary of meditation, epilepsy, quantum physics and brain functions, which is subjective and painted in an expressionist style. I also do many works that are more representational as well as replications upon request. I work mainly in paints but usually I tend to use mixed media and then incorporate my paintings into installations within different environments. My main source of inspiration portrays different states of awareness of painted images of ideas and experiences I have while in different states of consciousness. I have contemplated Einstein's theories of dark matter's potential for manifestation, Black Holes and Quantum Physics alongside the Himalayan Sciences of Meditation. Through this research I have come to recognize these sciences as being one and the same. Therefore, it has become important to me to visually record my experiences of meditation because I peer into the unseen existence that resides in between space/time and recognize it for its unifying truth. Further, I have had the opportunity of relating these ideas and experiences with epilepsy where I fall into the unknown vacuum of an unconscious black hole during an epileptic seizure. In an effort to bridge these states of consciousness, I have come to find a central unifying factor, the center of the brain where consciousness resides. The Western term for this center is the Third Ventricle and the Eastern Yogic sciences refer to this center as the “Cave of Brahma”, which is similar to a cosmic black-hole. Through the process of a spiritual dialogue with the Self, I create a bridge between these states of consciousness then express and record this process through an artistic dialogue.

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