Choppy Surf

14.00"W x 11.00"H x 1.0"D

$200 (Shipping Included)

Commission a Piece
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Jen Dacota


Medium: Painting

Subject Tags: sailboats, waves, beach, ocean, seascape, expressionistic

Media: fabric, dyes, paints, oil

Size: 14"W x 11"H x 1"D

Year Created: 2018

The power of the seas on a windy day is just amazing. While the colors may be beautiful and intriguing, the energy created here, can power windsurfers and sailboats, always pleasurable to watch from the safety of the shore...

Jen Dacota Always a keen observer of her surroundings and the world around her, Jen has been recording these images in her mind and on paper since childhood. She received a Bachelor of Arts in Art Education from St. Aquinas College, Sparkill, New York. Throughout adulthood, Jen often worked in various mediums, including photography and ceramics, as well as painting. At this time, her art remained a hobby as she was busy raising three daughters. Following a traumatic closed head injury, Jen began to paint as a therapeutic means to stimulate brain activity. She loved the feel of the paints and canvas beneath her fingers as she “connected” with her work in a very real sense. Many of her works were created using her fingers and hands rather than brushes. She prefers this method when the subject matter and medium allows; it is very instinctual and “free”. Her paintings contain brilliant vivid color, and expressive form and movement. “I have learned from painting that painting expresses feeling, and I want my viewers to be able to ‘react’, to feel something, when viewing my work. Not to just view a pretty picture. Unless that pretty picture makes them happy whenever they look at it; that’s a reaction!” “I paint the way I see things, and how I feel regarding various personal as well as global events. Since mainly my vision was affected by my stroke, I don't have normal vision any more, and would not be able to reproduce an image as it actually exists. I feel that this 'disability' has served me well; as it allows me to be truly self-expressive.” Recently her work has exploded, reaching new levels. By working with tar, and/or wax, she has created a dramatic surface with the subject matter becoming more abstract/ contemporary.”I often begin a new painting with no particular direction in mind. I paint to music, and let the music move me. I creatively apply paint and then 'see' my direction. I love the spontaneity of this method. It gives me back some of the freedom I have lost as a result of my disability. Jen's work is both privately and corporately collected.

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