Portuguese Sunset

24.00"W x 28.00"H x 2.0"D

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Jeffrey Allyn

San Rafael, CA

Medium: Painting

Subject Tags: shoreline, portugal, sunset, seascape

Media: oil on canvas

Size: 24"W x 28"H x 2"D

Year Created: 2015

My art has a foundation in the workings of the physical universe, but unlike the tight control and confines of bio-medical illustration, it has a highly emotional and colorful release in the abstract. The artists that most influence my work are:

Vincent Willem van Gogh - Thick paint and texture
Eugène Henri Paul Gauguin - Vivid color and charm
Paul Jackson Pollock - Free and direct expression
Mark Rothko - Color Field Relationships
Willem de Kooning - Action Painting

The process begins with sculpting a textural and topographical underpainting out of a course ground acrylic compound. It dries hard but still retains a flexibility which prevents cracking.

Next I apply layers of colorful but translucent glazes of oil paint to add depth and color bounce. I finish by skipping more opaque oil colors over the surface ridges to add form, detail and contrast.

I have always been fascinated by life science and have wondered about my significance in life’s immenseness. As a child I loved to collect bugs, rock, leaves, and shells; to view them through a looking glass and then draw them. I planned to be a doctor. While studying micro-biology, I continued to create illustrations. Recognizing my talent, my professor urged me to pursue a degree in bio-medical illustration. After three years of pre-med and four years of fine art, I received a BFA from California State University at Long Beach. After receiving an MS Degree in Business and working as a marketing director for many years, I’ve achieved my dream to focus on fine art oil painting.

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