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15.00"W x 19.00"H x 0.0"D

$220 (Shipping Included)

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Javier Chalini


Medium: Print

Subject Tags: fortune, dogs, octopusses

Media: etching on paper

Size: 15"W x 19"H x 0.01"D

Year Created: 2014

In a Renaissance style portrait, here I present Fortunata, a mysterious lady that will tell your fortune or misfortune with the help of her Octopuses (complexity and vision) that she wears them as hair, and her loyal dog.

I was born in Puebla, Puebla. Mexico, a conservative colonial style city where I did most of my studies. I graduated from the University of the Americas with a BA in Graphic Arts and Design in 1986. Right after that, I moved to Mexico City to work in design and to pursue a specialization in Printmaking, mainly in Metal Etching Print (Intaglio), at the San Carlos Academy of Art. There I discovered my love for the media and I was inspired by the school’s culturally rich background of such pillars of Mexican Art such as: Carlos Cuevas, Rufino Tamayo, Diego Rivera and Francisco Toledo. Thirsty for art expression, inspiration and learning, I travel and lived in key art oriented states in Mexico: Oaxaca, Chiapas, Veracruz, and Michoacán. It was in doing this art inner-search that I began to further my artistic development esthetically and mentally. I moved to United States where I continued my exploration, absorbing culture and art as much as I could. I flirted with technology since a new world of image manipulation was just becoming available. I swung between the traditional media of printmaking and the digital world. Subsequently, an important move in my life caused me to define my preferences. In 1990 I moved to Barcelona, Spain where I was influenced by artists such as Picasso, Tapies, Miro etc., and this favored my inclinations towards Printmaking and the appreciation of its possibilities in the creative process. I have been living in San Francisco since 1993 where I have found an inspiring atmosphere that feeds my imagination and challenges my expression. It is a multicultural experience that fuels the creation of images and provides the tools for understanding rather than criticizing. I have participated in several shows around the Bay Area as well as in different states of United States and overseas. But in the end, what I have most strong in me is my rich Latin American Art heritage which I carry with pride and has been the foundation that shapes my artistic expression.

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