CSS RAM NEUSE /Confederate Ironclad Warship

10.50"W x 5.00"H x 0.5"D

$200 (Shipping Included)

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Jack Anglin


Medium: Painting

Subject Tags: ship, boat, warship, war, civil, neuse, css, gunboat, confederate, union, oil, green, blue, pastel, realistic, impressionistic

Media: oil on canvas

Size: 10.5"W x 5"H x 0.5"D

Year Created: 2018

I used to live in Kinston, NC, now famous for The Chef and The Farmer Restaurant with the PBS TV show Chef's Life. Close to the restaurant is a full size replica of this ill fated ship. I was active in assisting the early stages of publicity and construction and tried to get more involved in this community project and so have this one painting remaining from those days. This ship was constructed partially upstream and deeper inland at Seven Springs, and then floated to Kinston for finishing with thick iron upper cladding as well as an outfitting with several powerful and accurate 6.4 inch rifled Brooke cannons. The Neuse River at Kinston is not very wide and not very deep even when rains have raised the water level. The river was once used for shipping goods to the town of New Bern further downstream, situated where the Neuse begins to widen and deepen on the way out to the Pamlico Sound. Union forces advanced toward Kinston before all was perfect on the Ram Neuse and the decision was made to risk it and try to get away downstream. It wasn't too far along and the confederate's worst fears came true when the the flat bottomed, very heavy ship grounded out and was stuck fast. Before the Union could capture the brand new ship she was scuttled and set afire in March of 1865. Lots of work and money went up in flames, along with the hopes of southern patriots. If this ship had escaped and made it all the way to New Bern she would have been a considerable force to be reckoned with and it might have changed some of the stories of that war. She wasn't the best design and relied on coal for fuel (not an abundant item in eastern NC) and possibly would have sunk in the first gale, but who knows?

This is an accurate dimension port profile with a tent cover pitched on the aft deck. It is a hypothetical view shown on the Neuse or Pamlico far away from where she settled on the river way upstream.

The painting is signed with my JHA (John Henry Anglin) monogram and is accompanied by a hand written and signed letter from the artist. This is a painting on canvas and is matted 9X16. The patron could simply add glass and a frame or have it mounted and framed without the mat and glass.

My name is Jack Anglin (JackAnglin.com) and I have painted almost all my life, making thousands of paintings and portraits. I am now painting full time in Virginia Beach and Norfolk, as well as traveling and following several visual interests. My artwork is eclectic and I am very capable working in great detail or also with expressive, colorful, deft brush strokes. I enjoy plein air work and studio painting and occasionally work entirely from memory. Subject matter that attracts me ranges from floral pieces to landscapes, marine subjects to religious and spiritual imagery, as well as figurative images and, of course, portraiture. My work is found in galleries but I'll be selling more online and connecting with a larger audience here and on my websites. Thank you for taking an interest in me and my work. It is a great honor to have my paintings bought and hanging in your home --it is the greatest compliment one can give an artist! I hope you will follow me and keep an eye on what I am up to in the art world.

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