36.22"W x 24.80"H x 0.8"D

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Isidro Cistare

Lloret de Mar, GI

Medium: Painting

Subject Tags: mediterranean painting, spanish landscape, landscape, countryside painting, spring, spring flowers

Media: oil on canvas

Size: 36.22"W x 24.8"H x 0.79"D

Year Created: 2017

Ready to Hang

Old house surrounded by flores. Spring in Catalunya.

Isidre Cistaré was born in Barcelona, in the bosom of one's family, closely related with the art. His father, the medalmaker Cistaré, was in contact with sculptors, painters and designers. He was lover of the art, good expert of the painting and the sculpture, buyer impelled many times for the desire of to help the artists. The consequence of the patronage that he practiced it was the wide collection of painting that gathered in the one that figured, and they figure, very represented the most outstanding name of the art of the postwar one. And among artworks, painters, sculptors and medals were developed the childhood of the painterIsidre Cistaré. The truth is that our house was full of paintings and sculptures Isidre Cistaré studied the high school in the Escolapios of Sarria (Barcelona); he was attracted by the artistic thing, as consequence the family atmosphere, but first he should study. From very boy began to draw; he showed his drawings to the artists friends and they encouraged him to that continued. From the fourteen years went to the Massana School. And later he entered in workshop of jeweler's of Rafael Serrahima, in the famous street Petritxol of Barcelona. where he began his formation like designer. To the twenty-one years old he was integrated in the family workshop. His father saw him as continuator of the company for he created. And at the same time that he carried out his first medals and his managerial term began, he entered in ESADE, and this way, three years later he had taken out the master of Managerial Administration for ESADE. I didn't want to be in the family business and I entered in a tied company to the Catalan Banking. Soon I left that employment to enter in an American multinational, what made me travel through all Spain. This had their advantages since I stayed time and it could visit museums and exhibitions I didn't get lost neither an alone opportunity, I believe that I go through all the exhibitions rooms of the country. And when traveling for my means, without burdens of time, I could see very different landscapes. I took notes that then transferred to the canvas The moment arrived in the fact that disposed of the precise time to be able to paint. He surrendered to the painting with passion. It followed their initial line, inside the neoimpressionism, but it was taking place a slow evolution until finding his style, his form of to be expressed. He was already far from the neoimpressionism that cultivated in his first times. He discovered the freedom of creation and he knew the technique sufficiently as to be able to feel sure inside his freedom And slowly he went arriving to a painting material's, of expression chromatic brave, intense. It is Isidre Cistaré painting lover of the color, of the expressive force; he/she faces the cloth, it fights with the color, he fights hand-to-hand, looking for to dominate the restless sea material's that believes, appeasing it, seating each thing in its place. His brushstroke is energetic, strong. Landscapes lower infernal skies, forests that seem to burn, dilute that burst.... His painting is as a hurricane that had been able to immobilize; it is a vibration that is spread by the whole canvas and that it is accentuated of special way when the topic is urban views, populations contemplated from the distance, conjugating the geometry of the roofs Dialogue, communication, own language..... Cistaré is in its world, the world of the painting, and in him he feels fully happy. He was born and an encircled childhood lived of art and artists. He was born being painting and of it he leaves perseverance with each one of his art works.

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