18.00"W x 24.00"H x 1.0"D

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Philippe Stella


Medium: Drawing

Subject Tags: religious, steadman, drawing, hebrew, israel, hanukah, fresh, sketchy, judaism, jewish

Media: ink, paper, watercolour, chinese

Size: 18"W x 24"H x 1"D

Year Created: 2018

Philippe found his inspiration for this collection while working for almost 10 years in a Jewish bakery in Los Angeles. Many customers loved his style and used to ask him why he never does anything based on the Jewish culture. Art is like life.. its all about timing. Now we happy to show you some of his latest work.

Philippe was born 1981 in Antwerp, Belgium. He grew up in both Antwerp and Cadaques, Spain but currently lives and works in Los Angeles, CA as an artist. Even though the art of drawing was in his blood since his childhood, Philippe Stella chose a career in a very different artistic discipline. He studied spoken word, acting and drama in high school in Antwerp and afterwards followed acting courses, which brought him from Brussels, via Paris, to Los Angeles where he continues to develop his acting skills. Being an autodidact, Philippe Stella never prepares his works in advance: the colorful works are created quickly and spontaneously as if from a gut feeling, with a continuous urge to explain in drawings what he cannot express in words. His work is reminiscent of the painters and the poets of the Cobra-movement who expressed themselves in the same spontaneous manner, or of Jean Dubuffet who honored the same spontaneity, from which “l'art brut” arose. During his youth Philippe Stella spent a great deal of time in Cadaques at the Spanish coast, where he not only explored the works of Dali and Picasso, but also developed great admiration for these masters. If Picasso ever announced that art has no meaning and that painting is the only thing a painter has to do in order for the artwork to overwhelm him, then his beautiful words "je ne cherche pas, je trouve", are perhaps also to be found in Philippe Stella's thoughts.

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