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Picture in the corner

20.87"W x 16.93"H x 0.4"D

$990 (Shipping Included)

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Medium: Painting

Subject Tags: painted frame included, frame included, frame inclused, painted framed, greenblue, geometric abstract, modern art, expressive art

Media: oil on paper

Size: 20.87"W x 16.93"H x 0.39"D

Year Created: 2017

Ready to Hang

Picture in the Corner, oil on cardboard and wood, 43 cm by 53 cm: My new neighbour was pleased to hear that I was a paintress, as she was in an urgent need of pictures. She wanted to know if, by any chance, I had some, leaning in a corner to be thrown away. I do not have exactly that but there is a corner in my studio with pictures for crazy people, this one for instance… But instead of this one she preferred the new one on my easel which seemed extraordinary also to me. When my picture in the corner had been quite fresh and still on the easel I had also valued it as an extraordinary piece of work. It does not follow the common criteria for harmony, neither in perspective nor in composition or the combination of the colours and would not get many points if assessed by the public. This picture, however, is among the most promising of my paintings, as every viewer either makes some disparaging comments on it or asks me a question.onto the frame,
As I painted the picture onot the frame, it is part of the artwork.
At my very first beginning I started to paint for making visible all the long and short waiting periods of some singular days of waitings, of waiting for everything that depends on other peoples decisions. Proceeding to do so up to now, painting became my main- force of habit and growned up to my profession.

Biography born on the 23rd of october 1958 in Sulztal upon the Weinstraße ; Commencement with oil painting: 1979 first copying expressionistic painters. My first own paintings were miniatures, which she now calls ‘romantic landscapes in expressionistic colours’ and later I painted romantic places in expressive colours. Studies: 1988 to 1993 German philology, Italian (until 1990), art history at the Karl-Franzens-Universität in Graz; graduation 1993 for the work ‘Rudolf Stibill. Live and Work’; 1993 – 1997: Doctorate for the work ‘ The Character of the Grandfather in the Contemporary Austrian Literature’; having realised more than twohundred of exhibitions I live and paint in Graz;

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