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Your Work, on Their Walls

The Vango iPad app uses visualization technology to help our buyers discover and see your original art hanging on their walls.

Why sell with Vango?

  • Only Originals

    Vango accepts original works made by hand that are easily hung on a wall and not created digitally. We currently do not accept photography, giclées or prints.

  • You Earn More

    Our artists come first – you keep 80% of the sale price while we'll cover the cost of shipping and bringing you the buyers. We want you to focus on creating and growing your passion.

  • Simplified Pricing

    We believe simplified pricing removes the element of negotiation for the artist and confusion for the buyer. Begin by selling your work at Debut prices and unlock higher price tiers the more you sell. Debut $250 & $500, Noteworthy $750 & $1,000, Established $1,500 & $2,000.

  • Mobile & Social

    In addition to being in the Vango iPad app, your work is also available on our mobile friendly website and published to our Pinterest gallery with a single click to our web checkout.

  • No Contracts

    We believe the more exposure you have the better it is for you, so you don't have to sign an exclusivity contract to sell with Vango.

  • Easy Shipping

    As soon as you sell a piece, we will email you a pre-paid shipping label. You can drop it off at the post office or have it picked up at your door.

Meet a few of our artists

  • Vango: Take a picture and see Art hanging virtually on your walls.

    Reinder Oldenburger

    "Original art should be available to everyone. Vango has created a fun to use and transparent app. Now one-of-a kind, affordable art is just a few clicks away!"
  • Vango: Take a picture and see Art hanging virtually on your walls.

    Lindy Cooke Severns

    "Art is a language of the soul, an on-going conversation between creator and viewer. Vango is an innovative way to start these conversations."
  • Vango: Take a picture and see Art hanging virtually on your walls.

    Pawel Przewlocki

    "When a patron buys a piece of artwork they're not only buying an original piece, they are supporting the artist and contributing to the future of their practice. Vango helps artists and art lovers connect."

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