Cool Cat Motorcyclist

12.00"W x 9.00"H x 1.0"D

$60 (Shipping Included)

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Medium: Painting

Subject Tags: flourished, calligraphy, elegant, colorful, animal, cat, city, motorcycle

Media: ink, water, black, brush, tempera, paints

Size: 12"W x 9"H x 1"D

Year Created: 2017

One day I saw a motorcyclist with a cat, wearing a helmet, on the back of a motorcycle. When I decided to paint, I figured why not give the cat that motorcycle instead. Therefore there was this world where cats can ride motorcycles themselves. This was painted on a canvas paper.

At Watkins Elementary School, Nigel Parkinson, Jr. learned how to write calligraphy back near the early 90's by his Elementary art teacher. Ever since she gave him a calligraphy pen, he has been practicing his calligraphy to perfect his skills. Nigel is a father of two, a seven year old and a two year old. He enjoys playing word games and writing calligraphy with his daughter. Nigel taught calligraphy recently in May 2014, to first graders about and how to do calligraphy. The first graders were very interested in this new take on art and handwriting. Nigel Parkinson, Jr. is happy to take this hobby of his and make into a business, Handwriting with Elegance! Handwriting with Elegance offers products and services. The services includes teaching calligraphy one on one or to a group.

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