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George's Wall

48.00"W x 36.00"H x 0.8"D

$5,700 (Shipping Included)

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Hall Groat Sr.


Medium: Painting

Subject Tags: river rocks, marshland, fileds, land-sea-sky, skyline, trees nature, treescape, wildflowers

Media: oil on wood

Size: 48"W x 36"H x 0.75"D

Year Created: 2017

“GEORGES WALL” 36″x48″oil on panel (commemorating a stone wall built by the late George Brockway who built hundreds of walls in Central New York). The commemorative flowers are this artists favorite colors—orange and rust. George participated in bike marathons & ski racing. He was an English teacher and instructor at several ski centers in Central New York. He was also an active artist whose subject matter consisted of historic barns done on location. He was a popular icon in the sports world. One of his favorite interests was the study of bird migration at the sanctuary at Ontario Lake. Georg

Hall Groat Sr. Biography, American Impressionist Learn about the life and career of this important American Impressionist painter, living and working in Central New York. Hall Groat Sr, an American Impressionist painter is a native of Syracuse, New York, where he studied painting; worked towards his Master of Fines Arts degree and began his life long career as an artist. Groat has dedicated his entire full-time professional career, spanning over forty years, to pursuing his passion for art. The Berkshire Museum was the first of several museums worldwide to acquire a major Groat work. The Museum purchased the prize winner, Megalopolis, one of the largest of Groat’s railroad paintings. This is where the late Norman Rockwell first discovered him and invited the then twenty-nine year old to dinner in the Berkshires. The United Nations awarded Groat with the honor of having a series of paintings for their stamp reproduction. The series of ten paintings is in the permanent collections of United Nations Philatelic Museum in Geneva, Switzerland. In addition, Groat’s paintings are included in the collections of notables such as President Jimmy Carter, the late Jacob Javits, Henry Kissinger, Fred Perry, Sir Michael Tippett, Christopher Keane, and the late Arthur Fiedler. Ambassadors among countless others have also invested in his work. In recent years, Groat has turned his attention to the corporate world with emphasis on banks, churches, brokerage houses, and insurance companies. His work is included in numerous corporate collections throughout the world today. Clement Greenberg, one of the nation’s foremost art critics, once stated that “Hall Groat was an artist who could make it” and he was proven correct.

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