Enjoying it All

22.50"W x 15.50"H x 0.0"D

$250 (Shipping Included)

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Glen Biggs


Medium: Painting

Subject Tags: blue, buff, energy, nashville, expressionism, abstract, modern, contemporary

Media: watercolor on paper, arches, rough, lb, to, ready, be, deckle

Size: 22.5"W x 15.5"H x 0.02"D

Year Created: 2018

My newest collection, "Being Present" is about pausing and reflecting into my present self bringing new experiences and emotions. I journal and then use the water and paper to capture the essence of my emotions. I hope you enjoy this new body of art. "Enjoying It All" is an incredibly vibrant and energy filled painting that captures my moment of zen and accomplishment. I most often feel that this painting mirrors my emotions...98% of the time its a "Glass half full" mentality.

I live in ultra-vibrant Nashville, Tennessee, named the "IT City" by New York Times and Conde Nast. I hold a BSBA from Aquinas College and work in the world of Community-Based Organizations (CBO's) with a focus of creating collective impact that will improve public education and children's health by day....after that I escape into my world of art which becomes my refuge and ultimate space for feeding and nurturing my own soul.

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