Betty Blue

36.00"W x 24.00"H x 1.5"D

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Helen Gerro


Medium: Painting

Subject Tags: blues and greens, blue eyes, lipstick, red lips, female face, colorful faces, unique face, woman face, couture, fashion, contemporary art, lady gaga, reds, blue abstract art, womens face

Media: acrylic on canvas

Size: 36"W x 24"H x 1.5"D

Year Created: 2017

Art inspired fashion, couture inspired art, my designer fashion sketches turned into paintings on canvas's in the 80's, in time my art jumped off the canvas's onto my designer dresses, bold statement making female sensual figurative contemporary paintings.

Be an original, have a one of a kind Gerro, Helen Gerro’s back ground is fashion design followed with painting art since the eighties, her couture inspired paintings jumped off her canvas’s onto her designer fashions. Thus making original one of a kind hand painted postmodern statement making designer dresses which is a piece of art in itself. Gerro art is figurative and contemporary my medium of choice is oil and or acrylic on stretched canvas. Helen Gerro moved to the Gulf Coast of Florida from Minnesota in 2002 getting her creative thoughts on how she could merge art and fashion together by , coinciding her art & onto her couture dresses in which she designs and hand paints in popping colors of day glow, Gerro’s day glow Art Couture and couture pieces have been seen on the runway in numerous fashion shows from Tampa, St Pete, Sarasota, Fort Myers, Punta Gorda, Naples, Miami, New York, Atlanta, and a Trunk Show off Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. Coinciding with showing her hand painted dresses as artwork at Sidney Berne’s Davis Gallery Art Walks the Runway 4 seasons now, Galleries and Tampa Museum of Art, and St Petersburg Museum of Art. Therefor bringing Gerro's art to the foregrounds with several publications in the local newspapers and magazines. Thus customers come from cities along the Gulf Coast to our city to find Gerro Art and Fashion. Over 200 paintings and nearly one hundred Art Couture dresses later, Gerro is always invited to feature her newest Art of Couture and Day Glow hand painted collection every season at the Sidney Bernes and Davis Gallery in Fort Myers and St Pete Art and Fashion Week , and always several more fashion shows in the works. Helen Gerro’s customers are women who are looking for unique one of a kind custom couture fashion and Gerro’s unique fine art paintings of her couture influenced artwork. Helen is based in Punta Gorda, Florida United States. Her collections are designed and hand painted in United States. Growing up in Minnesota, Her fashion design came to life in a city called Minneapolis; Helen Gerro inherited her artistic nature early on. She quickly asserted her position on refusing to colour in the lines, a belief she still lives by today. Born into a large family, Her mother being a seamstress taught Helen how to sew encouraged her to be creative and make whatever she wanted by giving her a box of fabric and unwanted clothing to re make fashion, her being primarily self-taught Helen can be credited as the first significant influences in regards to her creative process. After her mother guided her in developing basic sewing skills, eventually leading her to sketch and design for her own wardrobe, people always wanted what she wore. One of Helen Gerro’s first influences was by doing her first fashion show in 1981 at the Children’s Theatre in Minneapolis Minnesota, Creating sixty pieces in 60 days, Calling the show “Spring Summer and some Fall” the culture that surrounded it was the disco era. Admiring these principles and thought ah yes this is what I want to do, she set out to become part of the fashion word, an industry she was determined to build her career in. During the time she traveled to London, Paris and Spain, Helen Gerro was quickly inspired by the local fashion and couture houses along with European artwork. Shortly after, she moved to New York, Manhattan in the early eighties working in the garment district. After three years moved back to Minneapolis, Minnesota her gold lame’ jackets have sold in Dayton Hudson, Marshal Fields and hundreds of boutiques. Influenced to paint art by a gallery owner, she started to paint in the eighties her designer sketches became paintings. “Be original, have a one of a kind” own a Gerro. My name is Helen Lucille Gerro, gerrogogo@hotmail. I am a Vango artist. Thank you for visiting my portfolio.

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