Horns and Contrabass at Palau de la Musica

23.00"W x 30.00"H x 0.2"D

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Medium: Painting

Subject Tags: espana, spain, valencia, palau de musica, music painting, music

Media: acrylic on paper

Size: 23"W x 30"H x 0.2"D

Year Created: 2016

This came from a pen and ink drawing, one of many done in the audience at the Palau de la Musica in Valencia. .I use a pen and a brush with a built in water reservoir. I use both hands simultaneously to rough in the forms and to create the matrix. I convert these drawings into paintings in my studio, seeking to capture the feeling of being transported by the music.

I search for simple, casual elegance, in movement, in the planes and forms of face and the body, as well as in a scene, groups of people conversing in bars and cafes, the crowds where we walk and watch and wait, in my friends and loved ones, perhaps in a poor old woman struggling to survive, in architecture, ruins or even just some scattered bouldersClients say they are fresh and original.

Influences I have long appreciated the works of Goya, Velásquez and El Greco, beginning with my time in Madrid in 1967. Later I was drawn to Picasso, Matisse, Dali, Gauguin, and Degas, Edward Hopper, Matisse, Jean and Raul Dufy and Gustave Caillebotte. Also Jose Royo and the Valencian Joaquin Sorolla. Amor: In Love With Love I am currently working on a series exploring love between couples. It will explore love and the diversity of its expressions. These are inspired by films I have seen. Music Among my works is a series of music-related paintings and drawings. Many are based on small pen and ink drawings done live, executed with both hand. Travels Most recent travels were in Holland, Finland, Estonia and Turkey and reflect the architecture and landscape. Check out Giethoorn, Holland, a fantasy land of canals and thatched roofs. Another series comes from our Zambian trip. We stayed in a small village with a Peace Corps volunteer and one of the warmest experiences!

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