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22.00"W x 28.00"H x 0.5"D

$450 (Shipping Included)

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Medium: Painting

Subject Tags: fence, nature, clouds, sky, flower, flowers, peonies, peony, pink peony

Media: oil on canvas

Size: 22"W x 28"H x 0.5"D

Year Created: 2017

While on one of my walks I came across some beautiful peonies entangled within a fence. I believe the flowers symbolize femininity while the fence symbolizes masculinity and the fact that they are so close together shows that the divide between the two isn't as big as previously thought. This painting is done on a 22x28 inches canvas.

I was born and raised in Romania until the age of thirteen where I acquired my attraction towards art. I would spend hours drawing in my grandparents garden. Although my drawings didn't make much sense at the time I kept on trying. Then I moved to the United States where I attended highschool and was placed in paitning instead of a drawing class. My first words to the teacher were "I am better at drawing and I don't think I am going to do very well in this painting class". I then proceeded to get a second year of painting from the same teacher. After a break from painting I decided to take a painting class in college and now I am painting whenever I have some free time. I would say that I am closest to realism in terms of my artstyle.

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