Silhouette Jaune

19.00"W x 24.00"H x 1.0"D

$250 (Shipping Included)

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Medium: Painting

Subject Tags: miro, drawing, life, modern, realistic, colorful, series, silhouette

Media: ink, acrylic, paper, paint

Size: 19"W x 24"H x 1"D

Year Created: 2018

Acrylic Paint and Ink on Paper
Life Drawing made in Spring Studio, New York, in 2011

In the 28 years of my existence, I have lived in 15 different places, and a few different countries. Art has always been my way to anchor myself in a new place. In the same way writers keep a diary, painting and creating has always been a way for me to understand the world around me, and root myself in a new environment. Painting and creating is my way to comprehend the world around me, and people I meet everywhere I go. My approach is driven by the desire to show and explain the world the way I see it. For instance, when I moved to New York a few years back, I started to produce a lot of urban landscapes, as I was exploring the city, such as" Rue Rouge", Billyburg" and "N 5th St". However, my art is not restrained to place I go to, or live in. It also talks about different inspiration, books I read, things I do, and events that have marked me. In March 2011, I painted "Place Tahrir" after the Arab Spring in Egypt; "Radio" is a piece I made as I was reading a biography of the Che Guevara, and “1Q” is painted after a novel that inspired me. Only recently, I have started to include more people in my paintings. Up to a year ago, a large space in my art was dedicated to human silhouettes in general, but not so much to specific people. I developed those silhouettes while attending Central St Martin School in London a few years back, creating characters who are neither male nor female, and always anonymous. To me, the question was never who are those people, but rather what they do, and why they are here; they were part of the environment, part of each landscape. I recently started to get more interested in each silhouette, to include actual people in my paintings. I moved from painting anonymous people to painting people I know, I have met, and I have talked to, people who have influenced me, people I like, and people I dislike. I have grown into being more interested in people around me, and it is a natural evolution for me to start to focus on each little silhouette from my previous urban landscapes, and dedicate my practice to people around me.

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