Ice Lake

35.43"W x 21.65"H x 1.6"D

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Erik Tanghe

Antwerpen, VLG

Medium: Painting

Subject Tags: impressionism, impressionistic, thick layers, thick paint layers, erik tanghe, canvas, acrylics, acrylic, bark, river stones, frozen lake, frozen, water, reflection, evening sky, nightfall, evening, mountainscape, mountain range, mountains, lake, ice

Media: acrylic, stone, wood on canvas

Size: 35.43"W x 21.65"H x 1.57"D

Year Created: 2017

Ready to Hang

a frozen lake in the mountains reflects the glow of the sun dissapearing behind the horizon.. Painted in thick layers of acrylic paint with use of real pieces of wood (bark) and real pieces of stone.. Sides of the 4 cm deep canvas are also painted so the artwork can be hung without framing.. Glossy varnish applied to protect and make colors deeper

Erik Tanghe was born on the first of july at 12 o’clock sharp exactly in the middle of the year... As a child his ability to observe details is very strong and at the age of six he already manages to put 1000 pieces puzzles together in 1 or 2 hours!! At the age of 11 he gets his first camera from his parents. He discovers photography and later on film. he finishes school for film and photography and he makes a living out of it. Being a photographer-journalist he wonders the world, getting fascinated by tropical forests, jungles and mountains... They are separate realities on this world. Only after lots of years of taking pictures and copying the real world, he starts looking for a way to show his inner world... At first he starts from his own digital designs altering and copying them with airbrush, ink and acrylic paint... In a slow process of letting go, he starts relying more and more on his own unfiltered imagination, translating it directly onto canvas.

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