Prince of Darkness

12.00"W x 24.00"H x 1.5"D

$400 $360 (Shipping Included)

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Eric Siebenthal


Medium: Painting

Subject Tags: prince, modern, portrait, abstract, tribute, fluid, trumpet, darkness, soul, blues, jazz, davis, miles

Media: acrylic, inks, enamel on canvas

Size: 12"W x 24"H x 1.5"D

Year Created: 2016

Ready to Hang

My best mornings always start with Miles Davis. A bright sunny Sunday morning with Miles Davis simply cannot be beat. Let the "Prince of Darkness", take the stage and set the mood for the day, Jazz. I often listen to jazz while painting, so this seemed natural to be a transition into a new form of Art for me. I need to Evolve as an artist, getting complacent with my craft is not where I want to be. So I am implementing Street Art (stencils) with enamels and other forms of mediums mixed with my typical Fluid Acrylic work. We'll see where it takes me... But I am excited for the prospects and the desire to further my career as an artist into new territory. I love street art, always have! I'm also littered with tattoos from head to toe, so I figured I really need to push my Art toward who I am as an individual. Many things can be accomplished with Fluid Acrylics, don't get me wrong, yet I need to sustain my passion for painting. So mixing my form of abstracts, with Street Art and my personality, only makes sense to accomplish just this.

I stumbled into painting some would say late in life, yet I had always searched for a positive way to express myself, however fleeting. Painting rapidly became an obsession as I soon realized that what I had been looking for wasn’t at all what I was expecting. This creative means of expression didn’t have to be beautiful and it certainly didn’t have to make sense. It was most often spontaneous, surreal, and subconscious. This style of painting as I now understand it has been vividly explored and technically termed as Abstract Expressionism. However, painting in the moment is whatever I need it to be, regardless of the term. I do not feel the need to follow any artistic rules or format as this would cross grain dramatically with what I am trying to accomplish with my art.

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