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11.02"W x 15.75"H x 0.2"D

$220 (Shipping Included)

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Emilia Milcheva

Kazanlak, 24

Medium: Painting

Subject Tags: rainbow, multicolored, light, sun rays, sunshine, sunlight, sunset, water reflections, lake, landscape, fields, field, meadow, wild, flowers, pasture, panorama, panoramic, summer, spring, romantic, pink, tender, tenderness, nature, original painting, home decor, wall art, wall decor, framed, painting, fine art

Media: acrylic on hardwood panel

Size: 11.02"W x 15.75"H x 0.2"D

Year Created: 2017

Ready to Hang

This painting is part of my field series. My freedom-loving personality was always been drawn by the fields. I love the feeling of endless, freedom and reverie that the fields evoke in me. I love painting them. While painting I feel the gentle wind playing all around me, I hear the whispers of the grass, I feel my soul floating towards the horizon… and I am happy. Hope you are too when looking at these paintings.

This original acrylic painting is done on paper mounted on MDF panel of 0,5cm thickness.
The painting will be sent framed and safely packed within 4 working days after the purchase. A certificate of authenticity will be enclosed.

*** please bear in mind that colours may slightly vary between the actual original painting and the way it looks on your screen due to different monitors settings***

Welcome to my world of art and love for the nature! My name is Emilia. I believe I was born an artist. It took me some time in my childhood to understand which art suits me best. I tried almost every art stage until I found the art of painting and I stopped looking further. My passion for drawing and fine art actually and unexpectedly started with a dress of my mama. It was a white trico dress with purple-red-to pink roses printed on it /I hope you still remember the elegant feminine fashion of 70ies-80ies…./ Seemed to me like the beauty of the whole world was captured in that dress. So I started painting roses. And I have never stopped painting ever since. Thus and thanks to that lovely dress I found the happiness of painting at a very early age and I discovered the power that it gave me to express myself, to tell people what I see and how I see it. For so many years now, the nature is still the main source of inspiration for me. I am deeply touched and I admire the organic order and the harmony of nature. This leaves me with a feeling of tranquillity. It is amazing how the nature paints her masterpieces at every step on the way. No one can do better. So I am simply taking some captures on a loan. I want, at least I hope, the viewers of my art to feel the same happiness and peace of mind that I had while painting the piece. I want them to feel the warmth, the comfort, the quietness that I rest between the layers of paint. I was trained by several fine art masters on a base of private lessons. My parents believed that being in close contact and being personally trained by different artists of great skills and repute will help me grow better than going to an art school. So I was working painting together with each master for about one year. In parallel I graduated foreign language school and institute. I do not have a preferred medium. I love working oil as well as acrylic. Oils give me the pleasure of building a painting step by step, hour by hour, playing with shadows and forms. The acrylics allow me to paint a piece in a single breath. This is what the art should be, I think, - one breath of life full of emotions and deep passion for the subject of the painting.

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