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24.00"W x 20.00"H x 1.5"D

$540 (Shipping Included)

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Medium: Painting

Subject Tags: contemporary abstract, abstract wall art, abstract painting, colorful abstract, abstract expressionism, abstract art, abstract

Media: multimedia on canvas

Size: 24"W x 20"H x 1.5"D

Year Created: 2017

D'Vane's artistry is a reflection of humankind's quest for the divine, that is, for perfection, whether through the contemplation of nature or in man's creation that ultimately falls short. At times abstract and definitive, figurative and linear, D'Vane resists archetypal classification. Since humankind's never-ending pursuit of perfection encompasses all aspects of both the known and unknown, D'Vane employs a wide array of themes to capture infinite completeness. He frequently incorporates the figural and literal into his pieces. Based on man's folly, his kinetic art is at once calculated and rigorous but also playful and whimsical.

A retired Texas veteran, D'Vane began painting to fulfill a desire to add more color in both art and life. He works in various mediums, to include acrylic, oil, epoxy resin, and multimedia. D'Vane's 30 years of living overseas in Europe and the Asia-Pacific region confirmed to him that people are inherently the same despite our differences in culture, religion, race, or nationality...we truly are connected. We all strive to learn, to love, to create, and strive for something better. His art reflects the common drive in all of us.

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