26.00"W x 22.00"H x 0.5"D

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Drew Dudek

North Canton, OH

Medium: Painting

Subject Tags: winter, acrylic, dancer, emotions, expressionism

Media: acrylic on canvas, raised canvas

Size: 26"W x 22"H x 0.5"D

Year Created: 2017

A late night sub-conscience painting. This started out as a bird in a cage and morphed into a dancing, gliding figure. Maybe symbolizing a freedom we long for in life to be ourselves and yet we choose to hide.

"Center East" the old man told me as he pointed to a tattered map during my second meditation attempt. Rarely have I gone out into a trance since that mediation experience, but since I have come to understand what the old man was telling me. After years of exploring all self-help in western thought and religion I found myself carefully exploring eastern mysticism. It might be said it was exploring me. Now several years later I have found unbalanced only looking outside myself for answers and needed to re-calibrate my thinking and look inward. This of course in a more eastern view, thus I went "East" to find my "Center". This has led my to painting once again, but with a sense of self-love and trying to let that come out of me whatever those truths may be. Some may come out ugly or dark and some passionately beautiful. I'm excited for this new found excitement in art and I hope to share this with the rest of my fellow humanity during the remainder of my time on earth.

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