Meet Lucy Blue

14.00"W x 18.00"H x 0.5"D

$500 (Shipping Included)

Commission a Piece
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Donna Howard


Medium: Painting

Subject Tags: blue, macropointillism, modern, cat, orange, whimsical, blues

Media: ink, acrylic on canvas

Size: 14"W x 18"H x 0.5"D

Year Created: 2018

Ready to Hang

About two years ago LucyBlue became the proud owner of a cute little house built in 1944. Yes, It’s my house. She didn’t just show up one day out of nowhere and take over, no; my husband David and I opened that door. Lucyblue is a Maine Coon Cat, that’s why she has all those toes. Her front feet really do look like baseball mitts. “Better to pounce out at you from behind any corner”! She follows me around like a puppy, and lolls around the studio while I paint. I’ve only had to toss her in the sink twice to wash the paint off her before I got wise and make sure everything is covered when I leave the studio. In her defense, she does own the place : )

I was born into the Witness Protection Program so the details of my childhood have been kept from me for my own safety. I was released when it was discovered that I was never in any real danger at all. I was turned out into the street with a written apology, a pat on the head and a detailed invoice payable to the FBI for all that protection I never even needed. Talk about being behind before you even begin. Actually, I was recently paroled from a 15 year sentence in an office cube. It was a fortunate occurrence if you consider all the time I wasted wishing the window directly behind me could open. I grieved for about 5 seconds before going to my attic to find the paint brushes I remember being so fond of in college. They were a tad dusty and a little more than "slightly miffed" due to my neglect. It seems they forgave me after I introduced them to the shiny new tubes of paint I had purchased just for them. Now our days are spent in joyful anticipation of the challenges each new blank canvas presents. Except for the part about having a sketchy childhood, the first bit was a complete fabrication. sorry, I couldn't resist. My name is Donna Howard.. Thank you for visiting my portfolio : )

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