Crossing the Finish Line

20.00"W x 29.00"H x 0.0"D

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Donald Rizzo


Medium: Print

Subject Tags: nude, male, figures, portraits, pop, abstract, gay

Media: ink, paper, white, velvet, free, cotton, acid, archival, fine, is, fiber, 310g, bright, water-resistant, lignin

Size: 20"W x 29"H x 0.01"D

Year Created: 2018

for info on my prints http://store.donald-rizzo.com/giclee-prints/
My process and technique developed from a two and half year psychosis. I found myself staring at reflections. Reflections in three or more surfaces where bits of information comes from the multiple planes the more intriguing I found them. I looked at these reflections to discover a hidden image or message. As time progressed, I understood this to be my sub conscience mind communicating with my conscience mind.

The technique I've developed I refer to as Abstract Verism. I wanted to bring the viewer into the painting. By painting distinct shapes of color, the viewers sub conscience and conscience mind had to deconstruct and reconstruct the fragments of color into something the viewer recognized. It is the viewer that blends the color, not the artist. The viewer brings to this process their own perspective, their life experiences and history. Each viewer sees the image differently. These paintings are anything but concrete. www.donald-rizzo.com

Donald Rizzo is an artist who sees the world through fragments; fragments of color, fragments of memory, fragments of space, and fragments of who people really are. His works are kaleidoscopic visions of vibrant color which stem from his dark personal experience dealing with depression with psychotic symptoms. Donald is nothing short of being his truest self and showcasing his unique eye that allows his viewers to create their own reality of what they see in his images. His selected awards include; in 2015 winning the Four Points Contemporary 4th Bi-annual Juried International Art Competition for his work “Looking” and an Award of Excellence for “Gazzoni”. Donald’s work has been published in International Contemporary Artists Vol 10. His paintings have been featured in international Gay Lifestyle magazines including EGF and the City 2015 and Mate magazine, Spring 2014. He is represented by leading male figurative gallery, Gallery XO in Wilton Manors FL. donald-rizzo.com

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