Star of Dusk and Dawn

45.00"W x 25.00"H x 5.0"D

$500 (Shipping Included)

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Medium: Collage

Subject Tags: crafted, hand, geometrical, decor, home, conceptual, spiritual, mixed-media, home, decor, spiritual, sacred, geometry, rustic

Media: string, stain, nails, wood, hemp

Size: 45"W x 25"H x 5"D

Year Created: 2018

Ready to Hang

The “Star of Dusk and Dawn” was the first piece created in the string mandala series. The piece was conceived during a time of darkness, while I was searching for light to guide me into the next chapter in my life.

The obstacles that arose during the creation process became metaphors; a tangible, visceral and visual view of my deepest unconscious self. I had no choice but to face and become aware of the fears I had of myself and this life.

The materials and aesthetics of the piece were very specifically chosen to reflect this coming of light during darkness.

The background surface, dark-stained, weathered and beaten in texture, represents the chaos and darkness that might swell within us. The star’s geometric pattern and tight bounds to its posts, symbolizes that structure and beauty have the power to lead us from the darkest of times. The muted and earthy tones of the string slowly emerges the star from the dark background, just as making changes to our very being slowly emerges from the depths of our inner dimensions.

The internal center of the star is armed with metaphysical power, much like a dream catcher captures bad dreams and dispels them in the morning light, the Star of Dusk and Dawn has the ability to transmutate words and intentions, manifestation negatives into positives, aligning us with new beginnings.

We invite you to surrender your tired desires and intentions to this powerful piece. It is our intent to provide you with this tool to set the right intentions to bring about positive change in your life.


We’re a small group of artists that joined forces to create authentic, contemporary works of art. We approach each piece with conscious intention, offering something deeper than simply an object to hang on the wall. Those who practice spirituality may find our art to be functional meditative tool and with greater purpose. The depth and meaning behind each piece will not only add a contemporary look to personal or public spaces, but also the opportunity to promote a deeper spiritual connection to one’s daily practice. Each piece we create will be accompanied by COA, signed by the artist along with a written note on the specific, positive intention. Certain pieces that also provide for a more introspective process may also come with a perspectives and lessons gained during the creation process of the individual piece. Because each piece is created with a specific, positive intention, we allow our customers to select a piece that resonates with them on a personal level. Many clients appreciate both the daily reminder of their chosen message, and way these powerful pieces assist in the discipline of rituals. Not to mention, they act as a great conversation starter with family and guests, allowing the messages to be conveyed forward, fulfilling our goal of spreading its spiritual guidance and purpose.

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