24.00"W x 36.00"H x 0.1"D

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The Art of DionJa'Y


Medium: Drawing

Subject Tags: soulful, beautiful, pencil, graceful, dance, movement, flowers, ballerian

Media: pencil on paper

Size: 24"W x 36"H x 0.1"D

Year Created: 2018

I grew up in Washington D.C. in poverty. I remember my brothers and I knowing there was no food at home, so we would go to the local Gino’s and eat left overs people through away. I remember going to school with holes in my pants and shoes and people making fun of me. But the one thing I had was my artwork, my talent, my skill. I’ve been drawing since I can remember. I remember clearly around the age of Kindergarten. Though life was hard as a young man for me, I had art. In my 11th grade year at Dunbar High School, my art teacher gave me a school scholarship to Maryland Art Institute. I went for 1 day, and stopped going. My focus was off at the time. That did not stop me from pursuing the love of my life, art. I expressed myself through it. I could not get enough of creating. God given talent they call it. I never had any formal training. Art was just in me and I love it still to this day.

Dion j. Pollard aka artist DionJa’Y was born in Washington DC in poverty. He remembers he and his brothers having to eat leftovers from the local Gino’s chicken place because food was very little at home. He remembers having to attend school with holes in his pants and shoes and being teased because of it by other kids. But the one factor that kept him going was his artistic talent. Dionja'y started drawing at the age of 7, but took his talent seriously around the age of 13. He saw his brother drawing from comic books one day and decided to try his hand at it. DionJa’Y exceeded at drawing from what he saw and decided to start creating from his minds eye and on a more realistic level. Dionja'y’s style is in detail. He started drawing in pencil, but soon graduated to other mediums. DionJa’Y found his love in acrylic paintings, oil paintings, pastel paintings, pencil, ink and dabbles in digital painting(a painting process using a digital stylus as your paint brush). He loves the textures of oil and acrylic, the raw sketchiness of pencil and pastels and the uncontrollable flow of watercolors and inks.

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