Sunset Dreams

16.00"W x 20.00"H x 0.8"D

$200 (Shipping Included)

Commission a Piece

Medium: Painting

Subject Tags: colorful, sea, water, sky, oil on canvas, light, ocean, sunset, sunrise, seascape, seascapelandscape, impressionism, expressionism

Media: oil on canvas

Size: 16"W x 20"H x 0.8"D

Year Created: 2018

Ready to Hang

While I usually paint mountain scenes, I was longing for the ocean at the time that this piece was created. I hope it lets viewers think of a time when their lives were a little simpler, a little more beautiful and still full of wonder. I want it to let viewers dream of days past and days yet to come...

The materials are oil on canvas. The edge of this piece was intentionally left canvas white, giving it the effect of a gallery wrap. It also has a wire stretched across the back, so it can be hung with or without a frame.

My name is David Isaac. I am an artist. First and foremost, I am a lifelong lover of art; having studied art history most of my life both formally and informally. During my first college career I studied architecture for a brief period and learned how to produce technical drawings and a little about perspective. While I have been drawing since an early age I began to paint in 2009 as a form of self-expression. After beginning, I had to step away from painting but I started again at the beginning of 2015. I am a self-trained artist. Each of my pieces has a lot of thought and effort put into them. As of today my preferred media is oil on canvas for paintings and charcoal on paper for drawings, but I am venturing into new mediums. Landscapes and abstracts are my passion but eventually want to express the human form. All listed artworks are priced on the same scale as previously sold works. Most of my works are sold in person before I have a chance to list them. Thank you for visiting

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