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The Forgiving Sky (2017)

36.02"W x 41.34"H x 0.9"D

$1,450 (Shipping Included)

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David Tracey

Earlwood, NSW

Medium: Painting

Subject Tags: light refraction, skyscape, land-sea-sky, blue, grey, sun, cloudscape, clouds

Media: acrylic on canvas, wood

Size: 36.02"W x 41.34"H x 0.87"D

Year Created: 2017

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Soft clouds float in the ether, across all the sky to the horizon. Layers of mist and light play against each other to make the beautiful vista. The sun emerges from cloud, casting brilliance, casting slight shadow and a huge purple ring over the entire sky. So soft; all is forgiven!

Silvery blues and greys with a subtle touch of warm yellow bring this lovely skyscape to life. Perfect for any sitting room where your guests may reflect on the day.

I am an artist based in Sydney, Australia. I like to create beautiful art in a digital realism style where painting technique creates the look of the modern world as we now perceive it through digital techniques. For many years I worked as a scenic artist creating sets and backdrops for film and television, painting very large images in film studios. It was high pressure and short deadlines but what a great time! With the advent of computer graphics, I moved on to creating realistic animated content commercially, again specializing in environments and surface textures. But I have come back to painting, still the most satisfying medium. Portraits now, and skyscapes too, sometimes both on the same canvas. I work in oil and acrylics now, painting our modern world; both so rich and beautiful. I learnt so much from the modern disciplines (film work, computer graphics, photography) and found it all is relevant when painting. I use these modern elements to lift the image, to meet the expectations of the modern eye. Even flares, artifacts and scattering all work beautifully in oil to create a visually satisfying piece that is still clearly handmade, wrought by human creativity.

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