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Sculptural Sky (2017)

36.22"W x 48.03"H x 0.9"D

$1,150 (Shipping Included)

Commission a Piece
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David Tracey

Earlwood, NSW

Medium: Painting

Subject Tags: summer colors, beautiful sky, blue sky, cloudscape, clouds

Media: acrylic on canvas, wood

Size: 36.22"W x 48.03"H x 0.87"D

Year Created: 2017

Ready to Hang

A single large cloud floats serenely across the view, stealing the focus of this lovely skyscape populated by soft forms and shapes. Soft blues and greys impart a wonderful feeling of depth and distance, from the rich tones above to the warmth on the horizon.
This beautiful painting of a bright layered sky brings an effortless summer's day to any room. Brush and airbrushed acrylic on canvas, mounted on a framed panel. Portrait to suit nearly any wall, this painting is perfect as a feature for any day room.

Two framing picture D shape rings on back with picture hanging wire.
Mounted on wood frame with wood backing.

I am an artist based in Sydney, Australia. I like to create beautiful art in a digital realism style where painting technique creates the look of the modern world as we now perceive it through digital techniques. For many years I worked as a scenic artist creating sets and backdrops for film and television, painting very large images in film studios. It was high pressure and short deadlines but what a great time! With the advent of computer graphics, I moved on to creating realistic animated content commercially, again specializing in environments and surface textures. But I have come back to painting, still the most satisfying medium. Portraits now, and skyscapes too, sometimes both on the same canvas. I work in oil and acrylics now, painting our modern world; both so rich and beautiful. I learnt so much from the modern disciplines (film work, computer graphics, photography) and found it all is relevant when painting. I use these modern elements to lift the image, to meet the expectations of the modern eye. Even flares, artifacts and scattering all work beautifully in oil to create a visually satisfying piece that is still clearly handmade, wrought by human creativity.

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