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Illuminate XI

14.17"W x 19.88"H x 0.0"D

$450 (Shipping Included)

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Daniel Loveday

Exeter, DEV

Medium: Painting

Subject Tags: loveday, red, yellow, glass, stained

Media: acrylic on paper

Size: 14.17"W x 19.88"H x 0.04"D

Year Created: 2017

A painting that glows from within it's frame. based on my interests in stained glass windows and the Devon red sandstone cliffs.

Remember that the frame makes the overall size: 51 x 66 x 2 cm.

My concerns for the environment are reflected in my surreal and symbolic paintings. At the same time I experiment with techniques in the form of abstracts. I want to challenge and elicit responses. I've been accepted onto the British Surrealists website: I trained for two years at foundation level, doing life drawing and print and then I began a degree at Exeter Art College. Unfortunately my mum died in a car crash just before I started my degree and it led to my leaving the course after a year. During that year I worked over and over the same piece until all the colours were a muddy brown, and then abandoned art for a while.. I became a graphic designer during which time I did a lot of commercial art, usually illustrating everything from wildlife in a park, to steam trains, to cartoon characters. Now I’m a nursing auxiliary at The Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital. I encounter all sorts of people who themselves are going on journeys. It fascinates me how they deal with that journey. Many suffer from dementia, others are facing the end of their lives with dignity, their life choices are somewhere between joyful and impossibly sad. I want to record all that and represent it. I feel it’s my task to speak about environmental and social issues in my paintings. The human race is a paradox that can understand so much but can’t stop itself from wholesale destruction. I’m interested in beauty, the beauty of self realisation, of understanding, of awareness. The beauty of things we can’t fathom, of darkness and finding the light, of finding that moment when we do understand and can find love. I'l use any medium. Oil. Water soluble crayons. Acrylic. Canvas. Board. Paper... and even the stage!

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